Baba Ganoush

Among the mezze salads common to the Middle East and popular in Israel, baba ganoush (also spelled baba ghanoush, or baba ghanouj) is one of the tastiest. Made with eggplant and tahini, this appetizer is easy to make and can even be a meal in itself with fresh pita and a side salad.

baba ganoush

In Israel, babaganoush is commonly known as eggplant salad with tahini (“salat hatzilim im techina”).

The eggplant is grilled on the stove or broiled in the oven, mixed with lemon juice, garlic and tahini, and can be garnished with chopped parsley. Click here for an easy recipe.

Sometimes this dish is mixed with mayonnaise instead of tahini (often seen in the prepared versions available in supermarkets) and this gives it a decidedly different taste.

Eggplants are a very popular vegetable in Israel, and another way to prepare them using tahini is by grilling one whole, splitting it half and then drizzling it with tahini sauce, crushed garlic and lemon juice. This is often served as an appetizer at weddings and other events.

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